Jan 24, 2008

One of those Funks

Help me I'm in a funk.

Okay I've made MAJOR progress on the model I have so I'm going to give myself the weekend starting now off. The funk is What do I want to work on?

I kinda want a quick finish. Haven't had one in a bit so thought why not. But....

I kinda want to work on my HAED. So...

I could work one:
HAED Pirate Dragon because I like it and haven't worked on it in a bit.
The Crabby all Year because I don't have much time starting in Feb.
ILCS Feb block swap because the time issue.
The Friendship PIF but I don't really want to but I should to pass it on.
Feb Ornament for the Ornament SAL again because time in Feb.

See I'm going crazy!! I could always start something new and drive myself totally insane. No NO I better not.

1 comment:

  1. HAED Pirate Dragon because you said you liked it.


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