Jan 27, 2008

My First Pin Keep

Today I did my first pin keep. Thanks to Debra!! It wasn't hard at all with great instructions. For my first one ever I did pretty good. Could do some stuff different next time but I'm happy. I actually finished a finish. This is a finish from 2007 but it's able to be hung up now. After I show it off to everyone of course haha. I will definately be making more of these!

Also I did another thing I'm very proud of today. I made that picture above haha. I always wanted to learn how to put two pictures together into one. I finally figured it out. So instead of two pictures it was just one of the front and back together. I'm so happy LOL. I puffed out my chest and walked around the house being all proud of myself. Jeremiah patted me on the back and said Good Job Mom Good Job. LOL.

Now that I got my bragging about myself out of the way I can chat about my weekend haha. Yesterday Fred and me ran some errands together. We ran to the bank, he took me out to eat, to my LNS, and to a movie. It was a fun day together. Jeremiah stayed here with grandma. Anyway at my LNS I got the Hinzeit Point Is Seasons chart. I'm going to use it for a RR in CSF. They didn't have some other things I wanted. So I will add it to my order at House of Stitches for when we go in Feb. We went to see Meet the Spartans. It was one of those spoof movies. We just love those. It spoofed the movie 300 and a whole bunch of other things of course. It was funny. Don't know if I would suggest it though haha. It would show my immaturity haha.

Today my dad and step mom came up to Fort Wayne. They bought us lunch at Bandidos. It was very nice. Then they came over to our house to visit for a bit. Jeremiah had a blast. It was a very nice visit. Then I did what I already bragged about haha. So you know my weekend. Hope yours was good!


  1. woohoo Katie!!!! It looks great!!! You did a great job!!! Congrats!!!

  2. Katie, came out so cute, great job! Congrats! Lisa :-)

  3. Katie, way to go!!! I will be looking forward to seeing a lot more of your finishes, finished this year. Glad you were able to put 2 in one picture too. Debra in Indiana

  4. Love your Pin Keep. Very nice job.

  5. Lovely fabric you chose for the backing...looking forward to seeing more finishes in 2008!

  6. It is lovely. Great job.


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