Jan 28, 2008

HAED Update

This is my update on my HAED called Pirate Dragon. I have 5,120 stitches in which just means 42,795 left to do. Hey at least the number goes down haha. The red made me about jump up and down. I'm finally to a part of the dragon. It's the head piece he's wearing. Fred just rolled his eyes at me. I said Look it's about time I get a pretty color. Then he understood. LOL.

Today I'm going to pick up the model again. I'm making real good progress on it. It's a fun piece to work on. The end is near so I get excited to work on it.

Today Jeremiah did GREAT at school. Somedays he gives me attitude but today he did amazing. I was so proud of him. So I told him I would brag to everyone. (Trying to get the point across that he makes so many people proud when he does good.) We started dividing in math. I was worried about the concept but he caught right on like it was old news. So I'm a proud teacher today. I printed out some activities for the rest of week dealing with Groundhog Day. Gotta work that important holiday in somehow haha.

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