Jan 30, 2008

Wonderful Gift

Today in the mail I got a package from an ILCS friend Kathy in TX. I wasn't expecting anything. To my wonderful surprise inside was a gorgeous beaded FOB. She was talking about FOBs the other day in ILCS and I asked if she was selling any. Then I get this beautiful thing in my mailbox. I absolutely LOVE purple. The charm is a Pegasus which is just beautiful. I love all fantasy creatures. It's perfect! Thank you very very much Kathy!

Today we went down to visit my mom's mom and dad. It was a lovely visit. We had a nice lunch across the street at this Golf Course. I took my pin keep to show grandma. She is a seamstress so I was really worried about her looking close. She loved it. I was very proud of course. Now we are back home. I will do some catching up on the computer and then off to stitch on the model for Rosewood Manor. Just had to stop by and show off my beautiful new fob.

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  1. Katie, you are a lucky girl to receive such a pretty fob. Good to hear that Grandma liked your finishing.
    Debra in Indiana


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