Feb 3, 2008

5th Finish

Friday I had a quick finish. This is for the ILCS Ornament SAL. I found this pattern in a 2002 Cross Stitch Christmas magazine. There are a set of 4. I really changed it a lot though color wise. I used a beautiful hand dyed fabby that Vickie did. I used DMC 720 and Kreinik 001HL to make it sparkle. I will buy a charm at HOS when we go later this month and add it to the middle. I'll let Jeremiah pick it out. So it's as finished as I can get it right now.

Yesterday we had a nice day. We had a geocaching Meet N Eat. We finally have a path tag to trade and was lucky enough to receive 9 yesterday. I guess there was 60 people at the gathering. So it was a lot of fun. When we introduced ourselves (going around the room type of way) Jeremiah got an applause so he is still talking about that. Everyone just thinks so much of him cause his great attitude. It was a lovely time indeed. Then Mom, Betty and I went to see Untraceable. It was a GREAT movie. Very very believeable in today's internet world.

Didn't get to do any stitching so today I'm trying to get my stuff done so I can sit down and stitch until the game. We are having some friends over for the game. We have a nice big tv and a nice house now. Plus friends haha New concept there! So we are excited. So.... Go Giants!!


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  2. Love this ornie!
    Thanks for sharing


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