Feb 8, 2008

6th Finish

I finished the Feb part of the Crabby All Year design. Of all the months I think this is my least favorite. Fred and I said it would have maybe been better with a broken heart like split apart. Or a Dear John letter. I just don't like the pedestal and the melted hearts or whatever it is. Oh well, it's finished. I need to work on the model I have again. So I'm off.


  1. I would have to agree Katie. That would not be my choice for February either.

  2. I thought maybe it was a stinky foot, but those circle bits on the side have me puzzled.

    Not a great design. Love the colours though.

  3. I hear you. I like the "Dear John" letter idea the best. Btw- I thought it was a trash can with the spoiled/stinky heart thrown away into it? Great stitching as always. huggles, Marta


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