Feb 24, 2008

Weekend Away

We had a lovely weekend away. This is my sweet hubby and me. Yep we laugh at the height difference too. 6'7 and 5'5.

This is our hotel. Laporte Indiana Holiday Inn Express. Very nice. No complaints at all.

For my first time ever we had a spa room. I've always wanted to have one. It was fun. Of course even more fun to fit our not so tiny bums in there haha. We really enjoyed it a lot though.

So there are some pics now let me tell you about it. We left Saturday morning. Jeremiah wasn't too happy but he did good. We drove the 2 hours to the HAMfest first. It was pretty sad. Hardly anyone showed up to sell. Fortunately a friend of Fred's setup and had a nice display. So we talked with him for a bit and Fred bought some things. I found a really pretty picture frame in this box for $.50 I really like it. It's kinda marbled colored if that makes sense. Now just have to figure out what picture I want to put in it.

Then we left and went to House of Stitches. I had called a few weeks ago to get some things on hold for me. I picked them up and we looked around a bit more. I love this store. The ladies are so nice. They had a lot of the new Nashville things so it was fun to see that. They also had every leaflet I had model stitched for Rosewood Manor. That was fun to see on a shelf. Here is what I came home with...

Mill Hill Camping Out kit
Katidid design called Bunnies, Buds & Berries thought this would look pretty as a RR.
Raise the Roof design Crabby Oct thru Dec to finish off this chart series I need.
Raise the Roof design Happy Camper and the threads and stuff to kit it up.
Sweetheart Tree kit called Don't Bug Me.
Also bought a charm I needed and some beads. I made out pretty good! I'm a lucky girl.

Today we headed on home. We were going to do some geocaching but the snow on the ground and the cold temps made everything frozen solid. So we just came home. Now I get to stitch and rest. Isn't it funny how a weekend away makes you more tired than if you stayed home? Now I need a vacation from my vacation


  1. sounds like a wonderful weekend away Katie. I am sorry it wasn't quite what DH anticipated at his part of the trip. I wasn't certain exactly where that motel was, but I now KNOW exactly where it was!!!!
    Wonderful stash too!!!!!

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  3. Sounds like a great weekend away..Glad you all had fun

  4. A lovely weekend. Do know what you mean about needing a rest after your vacation though :grin.

    Happy stitching.

  5. Katie, glad you two had a nice time away. Love the stash you picked up.


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