Feb 25, 2008

8th Finish

This is my 8th finish. It's a Quilt block for Shari in ILCS. She picked out these designs and asked for help getting them stitched. She did two full quilts with the whole alphabet alternating between boy / girl for each letter. So I picked E - Boy for the 2nd Quilt. Jeremiah's last name is Elshire and I did it in honor of that. I don't really like the worm pie haha but the dog is kinda cute. Shari is a very sweet lady (Lego Lady haha) and I was so glad to get a chance to stitch for her quilt.


  1. it looks awesome Katie!!!!!!! Can't wait to see it in person!!!
    Thanks so much!!!!!!

  2. Great job!!! Congrats on your 8th finish for the year!!!

  3. Very cute!!

    You've been tagged. Look on my blog... :)

  4. Hi, and thanks for stopping by my blog. I was really needing some encouragement to keep blogging, and you've really helped me make the decision! Thanks!

    I enjoyed looking through your blog. I love your cross stitch - I have quite a few unfinished pieces - in fact, I think I only ever finished one - it was a Christmas project and it is still one of my favorite decorations. Great job on doing 8 so far this year. Wow!!!


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