Mar 6, 2008

Update Post

I always have good intentions for keeping my blog updated. Then things happen to stop that of course.

Last Weekend we went to Annette's Saturday. It was a blast. It's always fun to go there. Michelle even came up. At one point we had 6 ladies stitching. Jeremiah was in heaven of course. He had a buddy to play games with. Jacob even hooked up an Xbox which was just too cool of course haha. j only has a playstation 2. I gave them some money to rent games and they brought back 5 "totally awesome" games I guess haha. So I didn't see j very much. Michelle, Annette and I ran up to Stitch N Frame our LNS. We seen these beautiful bright green and pick hand dyed fabbys. So I bought some of the green fabric for a fishy design then went on a mission. I thought we for sure needed to do something together on the pink. So we found this cute Dragon Dreams design about a Dust Bunny to do on it. The three of us started when we got back to Annette's. It was a fun weekend.

Unfortunately we can't have fun without getting sick seems like. So Tuesday down we go with the flu again. Poor j got it bad this time around. Yesterday he didn't move off the couch. My liddle zombie. So we watched movies together and tried to rest. Today we are feeling a smidge better. At least j is playing game boy which means he's doing a bit better. Not enough to leave the couch but better. So no school for us. Last night I even wrote down on a piece of paper school canceled and put in on the TV like an announcement. We all laughed at that.

Yesterday was my hubby's 30th bday. Been sick and been crappy out so I didn't get out to buy him anything. j and I made card for him and I put an IOU in it haha. He was happy with it. I still felt bad though. Anyway just in case you didn't know I LOVE MY HUBBY! Happy Bday Hubby!

Weather: What in the world is going on? Tuesday we got an ice storm. 7 inches of snow and weird ice balls hitting the house. Now already there is a Winter Storm watch for tomorrow. 6 - 10 more inches of snow and wind. Just LOVELY. Everyone is hoping a bit of this melts but right now it's not looking like it will. Oh well. Sending Fred to rent some movies and we are just going to crash this weekend. Stay inside and try to stay warm.

Stitching: I got a new model for Rosewood. It's beautiful! But it's March so I want to catch up with my March things. I have that weird can't breath too much to stitch thing happening though. Let's see....
March ILCS Block Swap
March ILCS Ornament
March Crabby All Year (do have a bit done on this)
March part of Papillion MSAL (not released yet thankfully now watch I just got an email)
and only the 5,000 other things I want to stitch on haha.

No Nothing to stitch on. Yet here I am talking to you? LOL

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