Mar 14, 2008

11th Finish

Wow my 11th finish for 2008. I was looking for something to stitch and remembered this cute little pattern. I got it from my dearest friend Annette. It's a San Man design she happened to have two of. When we had that over night at her house I kitted it up. I bought this bright green neon linen. The picture doesn't do it justice at all. The words are done in WDW Jealousy. The seaweed is of course WDW Seaweed haha. The bubbles are GAST Tutti Fruitti. I did it in about an hour. Very quick little design. I like these little quick finishes. I think it would make a cute pin keep. Have to see what I can do with it.


  1. Katie, congrats on your finish. I love the charm.
    Debra in Indiana

  2. It turned out great!!! Congrats on the finish.

  3. Congrats on the finish, Katie. That lil fish is cute!


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