Mar 17, 2008

Happy St Patty's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! We overdid the wear green thing haha. We were just a little over excited haha. What's extra nice is these comfy clothes are our school clothes for today. Gotta love homeschooling. School in PJ Pants. Clay (our dog) wasn't participating in the wearing green. I should have bought him a new green collar. HaHa

Now for an update on my stitching. This is the Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED for short) called Pirate Dragon. I just LOVE working on it. It's over one on 28 count evenweave. It's so delicate. This whole section measures little under 3 inches wide by 3 and a half inches high. There is 6,080 stitches so far into this and only a mere 41,835 left to stitch. Mom was joking with Jeremiah (since it's his) that I will be done by the time I'm 90 yrs old. Oh well at least I will enjoy stitching it!


  1. Cute outfits! So green!! :)

  2. Happy St.patty's day to you all as well. Love the outfits.

  3. Katie, thanks for the picture of you and J. Too cute. Your piece is looking good.
    Debra in Indiana


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