Mar 19, 2008

QOTD: Favorite Room

Today in CSF the QOTD was What is your Favorite Room in your House? We've lived in our new house since August so about 6 months. My answer...I LOVE THIS HOUSE! I just love every room. So I thought a few pictures would be neat.

This is where I am right now. My computer area. If you look to the left is Jeremiah's playstation area. We love being able to sit this close while doing the things we both enjoy.

Don't mind the blanket on the couch. My dog is hiding under it. LOL Guess he didn't want his pictures taken. So you can see my lamp that sits beside me. There is also these awesome overhead lights in my ceiling. The table holds all the things I might need right away. Also if you see the ottoman it has storage in it. So it's full of stitching related items too.
Gotta say in my living room is also one of my favorite things. My big TV LOL. I love TV so gotta have a huge TV to watch things on right?

This is Jeremiah's school room. LOVE IT. Everything is organized and we can find it easily. j even helped paint it light green which green is his favorite color so that helps him learn better I'm sure.
When it gets warmer outside our favorite room is the POOL in the backyard. Our own 30ft pool with a GORGEOUS deck built around it. Love it! Never in my DREAMS would I thought we could have our own pool.

Also we finally have a yard. We own 1.6 acres. This house is 3,900 square feet. It's HUGE. It's perfect for a big family like we have in it of 5 people. My mom's living room is the whole length of the house away. It's PERFECT. I love every square inch of it.


  1. Katie, your house is beautiful. Call it new for as long as you want to! Keep on enjoying!!!!!!

  2. I can see why you like your house. And that is going to be one gorgeous back yard, come summer. Emjoy! Wanda in Edmonton (from i-love-cross-stitch group)


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