Mar 21, 2008


The title stands for How Does Your Garden Grow? It's the new Papillion MSAL you can get through her newsletter. I LOVE it so far. Fred picked out gorgeous colors. Anyway part 3 was just released this week. There are 3 different versions I'm doing the specialty stitching one. I just love doing specialty stitches. So here is the picture of Parts 1 through 3. I think this means 10 more left. Can't wait to see what's next.

Jeremiah finished Week 25 of home school this week. That means 10 weeks left of 4th grade. I can't believe how great this year has went. He's upset that Book It is going to be finished at the end of March. I told him we will just print out our own sheets and keep going with our own goals. So I think that helps. I'm glad I found the Book It program for him. Need to get next years books ordered. Oh my goodness 5th grade! Where did time go?

If I don't get to post before Happy Easter to everyone!


  1. Katie, it is so beautiful!!! Sounds like J is doing so well with home schooling.
    Debra in Indiana

  2. Katie - saw your post about the ornament finish and glad I got to see your lovely stitching and home!


  3. Very nice finish glad Home schooling is going good.


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