Apr 15, 2008

Crazy Mood

Oh No I'm in one of those crazy moods. I'm going insane. Too Much to stitch and not enough time to stitch it in. Let's break this down for everyone...

Model from Rosewood Manor
Model from Designworks due end of May
April Section of Crabby All Year
April Block Swap due end of month
April Ornament for ILCS SAL
RR in CSF (I have 2)
And everything else I have I would like to be stitching of course like my HAED.

See?? I'm crazy! Add this to my busy life on the weekends and schooling j and where is my time? I tried snapping my fingers to see if it would finish one piece but nope didn't work. I tried asking Fred if he would stitch one for me but nope didn't work. I tried laying it under a book and seeing if it stitced itself but nope it didn't work. What is a girl to do? And yet here I sit updating my blog.

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