Apr 17, 2008

Round Robin

I received in the mail a Round Robin I almost forgot about. A long long time ago I did this piece. Mailed it on to a lady that very unfortunately had to leave her hubby and it was not a good situation at all. Well another wonderful friend of mine was able to get this RR. Then Michelle stitched on it and gave it to Annette. Annette stitched on it and mailed it back to me as a total surprise. I love dragons in case you didn't know haha and she stitched the dragon baby for me. I love it. I love the Bunny too. So now I have 3 out of the 4 finished. I posted a Thank you to my dear Annette and another wonderful lady IMed me and offered to finish it for me. I'm so excited. It will be gorgeous when it's finished. Anyway here is a picture of it right now.

I've made some nice progress on the model I have for Designworks. I also kitted up my April ILCS Ornament and Block Swap last night. The new part to the Papillion MSAL came out and now I want to stitch it but at least it's a little part and shouldn't take long at all. So the plan today is to work on the model some more. Tomorrow is a nice long day of not much planned so hopefully that means lots of stitching time. I think I will work on the Papillion MSAL first and then maybe one of the ILCS things. So my brain is slowly settling down.

Also my mom is heading home tomorrow morning. She should be home in the middle of the night tomorrow night. I tell you what I miss her horrible!


  1. oh Katie,that is adorable!!!! How neat that someone is going to finish it for you!!!! Too cute!!!!!

  2. Oh Katie it's a great one. I love the little EMS baby's. You chose some of my favorites. Very nice of them to do that for you.

  3. What a wonderful surprise from your friends.

    The little babies are all so cute but the dragon is my fav.

  4. Che bello questo lavoro!!! Un saluto dall'italia!
    Ciao, Lucia


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