Apr 23, 2008

Productive Friday

Well I had the list of things to go crazy over. So Friday I had lots of time and I got a lot done. Jeremiah did fantastic at school last week and finished early Friday. So he got to watch 2 and half Star Wars movies. Which meant 4 hours of stitching time for me haha.

This is my ILCS April Ornament. Just did a little piece this month. It's about the size of a quarter. I like it a lot though. I figure it will make a cute little ornament.

This is my cute turtle for ILCS April Block Swap. Elaine had these cute freebies and I stole one. I love cute funny things and a Turtle walking a Snail qualifies as cute and funny haha.

Also finished Part 4 of the Papillion MSAL. Wohoo! Just love working on this piece. Those specialty stitches are a BLAST. I also got a lot done on the April part of the Crabby All Year but didn't get it finished. So I'll have to wait for that pic. Plus last week I did get quite a bit of progress on the Designworks model. Now I don't feel so crazy any more. Well I'm still crazy but not with my cross stitching things haha.

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  1. You've had some great finishes there. A very productive friday indeed.


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