Apr 28, 2008

Crazy Busy

I always think I'm busy and then I seem to get busier haha. I knew last week would be crazy. Jeremiah's 10th birthday was Saturday (26th). So Jeremiah even got a birthday present from me of no school for the week. I knew we wouldn't have time. Monday we went to Walmart and ordered his cake plus did our shopping. Tuesday is physical therapy day so it's always a full day. Wednesday j had a dentist appointment that went bad. Found out he needed to go back to be put under. Thursday Mom took j to an all day thing and I ran a million errands. Fun things like license branch, bank, doctor for me, and some birthday shopping. Friday we rested a little I put a few x's in my Designworks model. At 7pm though we took j to find out about these horseback riding lessons someone was kind enough to give to j. It will be really fun. An 8 week course. Then Fred and I went to a party for a friend. Didn't get home till about 1:30am.

Saturday was Jeremiah's birthday party. It was perfect. We all had a blast. Then we went to my dad's to visit. He helped us catch some tadpoles. Jeremiah and I want to watch them change to frogs. It was one of his bday presents from me (the cage and everything). We got home about 8:30pm. Sunday it was lovely weather. So we did some yard work. I played with j mostly I guess we had a lot of fun. Trying to get our pool all opened up. Well trying to learn how to open our pool at least haha.

Today j had to go back to the dentist and be put under. They wanted to fix a crown and do 3 fillings. When in there they ended up pulling a tooth too. They put him under at a little after 11am and woke up at almost 5pm. Poor guy. It just puts him out. Guess it's better than feeling that pain though.

So what do you think....Been busy at all?

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