Apr 30, 2008

Our New Pets

This is a picture of our new pets. Those little black marks are baby frogs or Tadpoles. Jeremiah just LOVES them. They are kinda hard to catch in pictures though haha. We probably have 25 or around there. They are happily swimming around. They have already grown in the few days we've had them. It's really amazing to watch them. We keep joking about not being able to get anything done cause we just sit and stare at these guys. Jeremiah said It's really hard to believe they will turn into frogs.


  1. Have fun with them. I had one frog for a long time.

  2. how fun Katie!!! You guys will love watching these guys develop!!!

  3. We raised tadpoles last year and had lots of fun. And, they are very hard to photograph! :-) Have fun with them.


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