Dec 7, 2008

Hit by Deer

Yep I wrote that right. We were hit by a deer. Didn't hit one. Last nite at 9:30 pm we heard a huge boom. I ran to see what had happened cause it sounded like something fell. In the meantime outside I seen two cars stop. Hm that's interesting. So we turn on our porch light to find this scene.

A truck stopped to tell us a car hit a deer. He said it was a large buck. It then ran full force into our porch and through the other side. We went in the field beside our house to find the deer but could not find him. We just can't believe how much damage he caused. But at least some how he didn't end up inside our window. There is marks on the house right beside the window so we were very lucky indeed. The window to the far right of the picture if our living room where Fred and I was watching tv. I told Fred he just wanted to join us I guess.

We are still laughing. We always warn each other to watch while driving for deer. We never once thought to worry about a deer running into our HOUSE! LOL


  1. oh my goodness Katie,
    how scary! They always say you can be the safest driver, that you have to watch out for the other guy!! I guess you guys were safe drivers & the other guy wasn't!!!

  2. Deer always do a lot of damage. Never saw one damage a porch, though, LOL. Glad you guys weren't hurt.

  3. Wow! Now that's unusual. Glad to hear everyone was OK!

  4. Oh, that is too funny!
    Debra in Indiana

  5. Your poor house!
    Hope that's a quick repair!

    Love the tree in purple, you did a great job!


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