Dec 17, 2008

My Son

Here's just a fun update. For those who might not know I started home schooling my son when he was in the 3rd grade. We enjoy it a lot. He is in 5th grade now. I thought it would be kinda fun for a look into a day for us.

We woke up at 9am. (Yep we are lazy haha) He watches an hour of TV during his breakfast while I read some email. We got started at 10am then. We sit down in his school room and get out our stuff to start the day. First he does something fun. Today was a crossword in Christmas theme. He really enjoys doing these activities it's a Hey wake up and let's do school paper. Then he reads a chapter from a book. Right now it's a Star Wars book about Boba Fett's life. He gets to participate in Book it so he gets a mark on a calendar for doing a chapter a day. Then he gets a recess. Math this year is on the computer. So I get everything loaded up and look ahead. Today's lesson was on Circumference and good old Pi. Another recess. I get the next subject which he picks out. We have 4 each day. He picked Reading. Today was a page from the workbook and a story. After that another recess and he picked GUM. GUM is like English. Today was on your and you're. Then how some people put like in their sentences in the wrong place. So it was fun cause we like totally got to talk like cheerleaders ya know. LOL Another recess and Spelling. Today was more practice on the words he got Monday. 20 words. HARD words! Like committee and cooperate LOL. Tomorrow he has a practice test on them and Friday he has the real test with no help.

Today we started something new though. I had an idea at 6am this morning haha. Writing Prompts is something I've read about other people doing. You give a question to the kid and they write about it. It works on all kinds of things. Punctuation, Spelling, blah blah blah. So he has his own blog and I told him Hey do it there. So if you want to check it out here ya go.

I'm so proud of my son. He works very hard.

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