Apr 16, 2009

Finally an Update

Wow sorry everyone it's been awhile. Life has seemed to been extra busy lately. Here's my update finally.

Retreat -- It was awesome! Just proved I have the best of friends. We went down Thursday and came home Sunday. It was at a Methodist church camp lodge south on Indianapolis, Indiana. Took about 3 hours to get there from here. My bestest friend drove so it seemed like a few minutes of course haha. Thursday night I went to bed at 9:30pm but decided to read a few chapters of New Moon (Twilight number 2). My room mates hadn't came to bed yet. So I kept reading. I finished the book at 4am and walked about to celebrate with the few stitchers that were still awake haha. After that my weekend was mostly devoted to stitching. Well Saturday night we watched Twilight again LOL of course. I stitched the whole time on my HAED Pirate Dragon. I also made my first scissor fob and a beaded ornament cover. I love beading!!!! I bought a neat bookmark to do that's all beads. I think I'm going to start it tonite.

Home -- Before retreat found out we had that April Fool's Day virus on the computer and had to reformat the whole thing. But luckily we figured it out. Came home from retreat and got into a huge fight with hubby. *sigh* It's fixed now but man sometimes men are just.....well men. Then we had Easter at my dad's and that was busy busy and fun fun. Every weekend until the middle of May is booked right now. I'm tired already haha. Somewhere in there I have to help with all the house stuff too. Garden. Pool. Weeds. Sweeping. Wow it can be overwhelming so I'm taking it day by day.

Stitching Update -- I finished page 3 of the HAED Pirate Dragon. I have 18,130 stitches in now. I even got a few stitches from the 4th page in last night during American Idol. I think I'm going to take a break for a little bit though. I want to work on that beaded bookmark I have. Anyway here is the update of Pirate Dragon....


  1. So glad that you had such a great time at the retreat! Your HAED is coming along so awesome! It looks fantastic!

  2. Your wip looks awesome!


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