Apr 17, 2009

Exchange Received

I received a wonderful exchange yesterday. I haven't done exchanges in a long time. This new group has just sucked me in. It's such a tight family. They decided to have a book/bookmark exchange. So I thought why not. With reading Twilight series lately it felt so good to be reading again. The rules were to buy one book and either a store bought bookmark or a stitched one your choice. Well I had some time so I stitched up a bookmark for my partner. I also found the book she asked for. So I mailed it off. I was looking forward to seeing what she would send me.

Since I have such weird tastes I sent her a list of 5 books. I thought they might not be so easy to find. I thought that would help just get whichever one she could find. Then.....I receive....TWO books off my list. I'm so excited. I didn't expect it at all. I also got an adorable bookmark. I love frogs and dragonflies so how neat is that. I can't wait for the next ESC exchange now. Thanks Kim!!!


  1. What a great exchange. I saw that bookmark on your partner's blog. I didnt know it was going to you. You are one lucky lady. Enjoy the books.

  2. What a great exchange! I just love the bookmark, that is too cute!


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