Apr 22, 2009

I've been RAKed.

If I haven't said enough about my new group I joined you haven't been listening haha. It's closed membership now but if you want to be part of a great family and get thousands of emails let me know and I'll give you the link. Anyway this group is the best. I feel like they are an extended family. When I joined there was a wishlist. I filled it out thinking it would just be fun. Never expecting anything of course. I got not one buy two RAKs. (Random Acts of Kindness)

Sue sent me this first one. Two beautiful pieces of Aida Fabric. Sue Hillis's Tools of the Trade pirate design. This gorgeous dolphin design and a little doodles button design. I hadn't got a chance to order the pirate design. The dolphin design is too perfect and the fabric is adorable. Everything was fantastic.

Then Anita sent me this RAK. A beautiful lighthouse card. La D Da You are my sunshine. Plus this gorgeous piece of fabric. Again I just hadn't had the chance to order the sunshine chart. When I first seen it I wanted to stitch it for my son so bad. We sing this song together a lot. Needless to say I search through my stash and started this one right away. I even have a WIP picture of it already. It's moving along very quickly.

One last photo LOL. Yesterday Mom, Jeremiah and I went to our local mall. They were having this food drive. The local schools build things out of can. You vote on them by placing cans in this drop off box. So we took several cans to donate and look at the creations. My mom loves lighthouses so we just had to of course vote for this creation. Happens to be from where I graduated high school too. Here is a stack of 8,000 some cans to make a beautiful lighthouse.


  1. Wonderful RAOK!!! Love everything! Your stitching progress looks fantastic! The light house made of cans is awesome! I love it!

  2. Your La D Da WIP looks great. I love the color changes!!!!
    Came by to say "hi" and catch up!

  3. hey Katie,
    for some reason, I missed the last few updates. They didn't 'go up' on my blog list. Sorry! WOW!!!! You got some great RAK's. What group is this?? I know I have read about it, but I am clueless!!!
    love the lighthouse can display!!


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