Apr 27, 2009

Sunshine Finish

I told you all that Anita was so sweet enough to send me this pattern in a RAK. I started it right away. I sing this song to Jeremiah a lot. I told him I would finish it for him. The best part is yesterday was Jeremiah's birthday and I finished it. It was such a fast stitch. I really enjoyed it a lot.

Saturday Jeremiah had his birthday party. We get a small arcade down by my hometown of Wabash Indiana. It has fun games and a ball pit with tunnels. We probably had 25-30 family show up. So Jeremiah had 6 little kids to run around with. He runs through the tunnels with them. Every year he gets so bruised up from it but he said it was worth it haha. We got there at noon and stayed till almost 4pm. As soon as we got in the truck to come home you could see the bruises popping out.

Sunday was his actual birthday. We did some yard work in the morning. He got to pick where he wanted to go to eat. This year he finally got me to cave on taking him to Hooters haha. He blushed from the time we got there until home too haha. We bought him a shirt and they all signed it. Then we came home to play Wii and he read 2 of his books he got for his birthday.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Jeremiah! And I love the finish! Great job!
    I can't get google blogger to recognize me so I'm signing anonymous - sorry


  2. Well Happy Birthday to Jeremiah!!!! Love the finish!!! That is so cute! My son and I use to sing it all the time but the more he grows up, the more he forgets about it!

  3. That's a cute piece Katie. And special for you and J too. Tell him Happy Belated B-day! He has more guts than me. I'm too embarassed to go to Hooters! :op
    Hugs, Elaine

  4. Happy belated Birthday to Jeremiah! Your finish is lovely. Congrats.

  5. Happy Birthday to Jeremiah! Love the sunshine piece! Great job on it!!!!!

  6. Cute finish. I use to sing that song to my first cat. She got so even if she heard it on the TV or radio she perked up and looked at me like "Hey you sing that to me". Hope Jeremiah had a Happy Birthday. His birthday is same day as my mom's.


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