May 28, 2009

Bumpy Road

So I think we've probably all heard there are bumps in the road of life. Well lately my life seems to be nothing but bumps. Was just busy really busy but then the stuff hit the fan.

Memorial Day weekend we spent Saturday and Sunday planting our garden. Enough to feed an army at least haha. We love our tomatoes and our fresh veggies so we love them. On Friday I lost my Great Grandfather. Not too horrible considering he was 94 and we expected it. Not too horrible because I was unfortunately not real close to him but still a lose in the family. Monday we went down to my dad's family for support and for a cook out. Everyone was doing fine. Knew the viewing was Tuesday and funeral on Wednesday. Jeremiah had physical therapy on Tuesday afternoon and then him and I went to my dad's. Went to the viewing. Fred came down after work. Jeremiah and I stayed the night and Fred came home. Woke up attended the funeral and a lovely lunch and headed home. Very tired but at least I can manage it.

Underneath all this we have another HUGE problem. For a little background we've been estranged from my husband's family for over 5 years. His grandfather was admitted to the hospital Sunday morning. The family assumed we should come to visit. Fred and I started the what would we do conversation. Unfortunately yesterday Fred's grandfather passed away. Fred is so depressed. It hurts my heart to see him sad and he is just so upset. I love my husband dearly and want the pain to stop. As of now we agreed to attend the viewing. Which will be very extremely hard. Fred's brother is home from the military. So it will be nice to see him. It's been several years. But.....Well the rest will be hard. Bumps in the road. I will survive. So will my dear love. But wow sometimes those bumps feel HUGE.


  1. Katie and family,
    So sorry to hear of your loss! Hang in there! Prayers for all of you!


  2. God give Fred the strength to deal with the family and find comfort during this difficult time.

  3. I am so sorry for your losses! I am sorry that your hubby is having such a hard time. I will be praying for you all!

  4. My condolences on your recent family losses, Katie. Just remember "this too shall pass" (hugs)

  5. So sorry for all your losses Katie. I know this must be a very hard time for your family.


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