Jun 17, 2009


My mom has a booth at an outdoor Flea Market called Shipshewana in Northern Indiana. She really loves it. She has always sold a lot of miniatures and other odds and ends. A lot of nautical things. With the economy it's not been doing too well lately. She has joked about wanting to sell junk. So we got to looking into garage sales and buying some glass ware stuff to try to resale. Well this year we noticed it was selling really good. So we started garage sale shopping harder. This picture is one day of our shopping. There was another table with stuff on it as well. We got a lot of great buys. Quarter here and Quarter there. Nothing really over $1. We priced it all and took it up to mom's booth to set out. Yesterday she sold over 100 items. We were shocked. She is so happy to have found something that people love buying. Plus we love going shopping at the garage sales together. So my time has been spent doing that lately a lot.

Then ever since reading the Twilight books I've remembered how fun it was to read. So I bought a few new books. Well used books at garage sales and flea markets. I finished one yesterday. I heard of this series called Dark Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon and have been a maniac trying to find them. I found a list she said to read in order. Then I found 8, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 on the list but of course not 1 or 2 LOL. Yesterday Fred, Jeremiah and I went to our mall and to Barnes and Noble and yep found the first several. So I'm reading away. I just gotta say I love reading again. In my school years it was all I ever did. The bad thing is no stitching time. I need to learn to split my time but the books are too good haha. So anyway. I didn't fall off the earth just been doing other things.


  1. That is great news for your mom! Garage sales can be a great thing for more than one reason!

  2. I enjoy reading also. It is hard to split my time between stitching and reading. I seem to go in spurts - read alot, then stitch alot. I know some people listen to audio books while stitching.

  3. I'm with Cathy...it seems that everyday when I wake up, my most inportant decision of the day is will I spend my day reading or stitching? Or both...I'm one of those stitchers who listens to audio books while I stitch!! Just a new thing for me, I feel like I'm "cheating" if I listen to a book...but it's cool while I stitch...happy reading!!


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