Jun 29, 2009

Long Walk

In our hobby geocaching we have made some great friends. A few of our friends were talking about this cache in Peoria, IL. It's a 5 terrain and a 5 difficulty. The hardest cache possible.
We heard rumors of it being a possible 18 mile hike. When a friend suggested it of course we said Sure why not. Yes Yes I know we are not exactly healthy people Fred and me. But we thought Oh we can do it. We went over Friday night and stayed in a hotel. We drug along a dear friend of mine Annette. Saturday morning we hit the trail at 8:30am. There ended up being 20 of us there. At the beginning of the trail was this map above. It was at least 95 degrees outside. With heat index into the 100s they kept saying. So it was a hot walk. The good part is this is a reservoir so every now and then we passed through water. One time we all laid down in it haha.

The statistics I heard were. We walked 10.5 miles in 8.5 hours. Elevation change of 2,200 feet. Today I hurt! LOL. We survived though. It was a personal conquest to make this hike and I did it. I feel so proud of myself for pulling through. The last mile was the hardest. My poor feet just didn't want to move any more. I also got stung by a bee so my ankle is pretty swollen from either it or the hike or both haha. Here is a picture of our track log on our GPS. No wonder why we are all tired.


  1. I applaud you!!! I think someone woulda had to carry me out!!!

  2. sounds WONDERFUL to me Katie!!!! I absolutely LOVE to go hiking!!!! Glad Annette got to go with you also!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time!!

    Cindy Mae
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  4. I just happened upon your site when googling moms who like to do geocaching or something such as that and your site came up...so here I am...

    My husband, me, and our kids, all have just started geocaching and I wanted to see what some moms have found on their many adventures and your site is so neat!! We have found 4 caches so far this week and now after finding sites such as yours...I definitely need to take my camera along on our adventures...I love photography anyhow so this fits hand in hand ya know...

    Anyhow, I am going to add your site to my list of sites to follow and come back and visit your site more often...please feel free to stop by and say hello at my site as well and click the link to follow my blog!


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