Nov 2, 2009

Shopping Trip

I was lucky enough to shop at House of Stitches. So I thought I would post my experience for all to enjoy LOL. I found the 2009 Ornament Issue finally. So I grabbed me a copy. There are alot of pretty ornaments this year.

2 Caron Wildflower Threads called Holiday. They are a beautiful Red and Green color.
Caron Wildflower Thread called Emerald. Jeremiah loves Green.
Caron Wildflower Thread called Mediterranean. It's a gorgeous blue oceany kind of color.

Sue Hillis Women Who Behave pattern

Mill Hill Be Thankful

Mill Hill Christmas Collage

Mill Hill Proud Penguin

Mill Hill Naughty

Mill Hill Nice

So now you can enjoy my shopping time almost as much as I did. I love House of Stitches. I've already started on the Be Thankful piece. Would love to finish it for this Thanksgiving Season.


  1. oh Katie,
    you KNOW how I love HOS!!!!!! I haven't been for a while!
    You did great with what you got!!!! The thankful piece is so pretty! You can do it!!! You have over 3 weeks til Thanksgiving!!

  2. Great Stash. I have never been to House of Stitches. Will have to get up there one of these days.


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