Jan 15, 2010

1st Finish for 2010

I finished it last night finally. This is a Dimensions kit called Toad-ally Awesome. I really enjoyed stitching it. it's on plastic canvas. I think I will cut it out a little and then back it with sticky felt. It comes with a magnet but I don't think I want it to be a magnet.

This was a fun stitch. Since I quit the doomed rotation I don't know what I want to stitch next. I think I will pick up my Crescent Moon Dragon for another week. I would really love to finish that this year. Then I think I'll stitch something else small. These small finishes are fun to do during the larger pieces.

Life is good. We are going on a overnight trip tomorrow. Fred and I. We are going up to Dunes State Park in Northern Indiana. We'll meet up with some friends for a geocaching thing. Then spend the night in a hotel. We are going to take our dogs and just enjoy the time together. I'm looking forward to it. We all deserve breaks and you will so re-energized when you get back. Well sometimes haha. Jeremiah and I made it through another week of school. He did great on his spelling test today. Struggled with 1 out of 20 but got it right in the end.


  1. the frog is really cute. I have a rotation but am seriously thinking of changing it as I have a few UFOs really calling me and I think I can finish them up in about 2-3 months.

  2. he turned out so cute Katie!! Congrats on the adorable finish!!!!!!
    have a great time this weekend!! Say hi as you go past!!!

  3. Too cute, congrats on your finish. Hope you had a nice get away.

  4. Hi I am Shari's Dad. This little guy is cute. Just keep enjoying your Family and your stitching.


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