Jan 22, 2010

Been Sick

So Wednesday night the dreaded stomach bug hit me. I would much rather have anything else but that. I spent all Wednesday night worshiping the porcelain god. Plus having this extreme cramp in my stomach. Last night my back started hurting. It's amazing how the muscles you shouldn't have been using to throw up scream at you for it. Last night I took NyQuil and went into a coma so that felt great at least. My back still hurts today. My sides hurt when I cough or laugh. I just feel out of it. Jeremiah is happy cause he missed yesterday and today of school. He does keep giving me hugs and saying he hopes I get better. That helps I'm sure haha. I did get a little bit of stitching time when I could hold my arms up long enough. I'm making loads of progress on the Crescent Moon Dragon. I'm almost finished with the 2nd page. I'm hoping to work on it more today. We were supposed to go visit my dad but I don't think I'll make it this weekend. Just rather stay inside and be pathetic haha. Hopefully we can go next weekend instead. Izzy hasn't left my side. She is trying to lick me and make me better haha. It's adorable. Our older dog even jumped up on me yesterday. Of course Izzy quickly told him that's her spot.

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