Feb 8, 2010

Monday Update

Well the Colts didn't pull it off but we still had fun watching them play. Jeremiah had a colts shirt one. Then he said he should have some blue face paint. I didn't have any so we put some blue number 1 stickers on his face. LOL. I loved the commercials. My favorite one I think was the Doritos one with the dog and the shock collar. Too funny. Payback haha.

I've done a lot of stitching but I think I'll wait till later this week to show my progress. We are leaving for Disney Friday morning. We are getting so excited now. We'll be back home on the 22nd. Have a long list to get done before then. We are also supposed to get blizzard like conditions tomorrow and Wednesday. Fun Fun.

1 comment:

  1. sorry for J that the Colts didn't win. Like we always say...better luck next year!
    Have a wonderful time in FL. Bring the warmer weather back, would you????


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