Feb 12, 2010

Florida Trip Day 1

This morning we hit the road. We got up a little later than we planned. Rushed to load everything up and hit the road. We ended up leaving home a little after 9am. We ran over to Ohio to jump on I-75. We ate a nice lunch at Piqua, OH at Cracker Barrel. We found this cute Webkinz that is a Opossum. Jeremiah of course had to have him. Well I had to have Jeremiah have him haha. He has a small stuffed Opossum named Sammy so this one is a girl named Samantha of course haha.

We ended our trip at London which we are still laughing about. We left Indiana to go to Florida and ended up in London haha. Of course it's London Kentucky but we won't mention that part. We passed Paris just a few exits before ours too haha. The weather was just fine today. We seen a few flakes of snow but the roads were clear. Some of the parts of Ohio had A LOT more snow than we did at home. It was gorgeous. In our hotel parking lot is a Big Boy so we walked over there for dinner. Now we are settled in our room for the night. Gotta love Free Wifi haha. We heard that the road where we are going tomorrow is getting snow so we are a little concerned but we'll make it. We'll be careful and shop around here in we have to so it wastes time haha. They have several flea markets in this area. We don't have to be to our hotel till Monday so we have time to spare.

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