Feb 13, 2010

We meet Clinton

Today we got to meet Clinton. Yesterday was London. Today was a President. Okay Okay Clinton, South Carolina. This is just a fancy trip now.

We had some snow falling but the roads were okay. Several places had a few inches on the ground. The mountains we drove through today were gorgeous but made me about sick. Something about the view of Oh Look you could die if you go that way isn't fun for me. LOL We stopped at a nice flea market called Smokey Mountain. It was along I-40. Jeremiah bought a huge bag full of books. I bought a new purple cover for my phone. Fred got a new case for his phone too. Then we hit the road again. Ended our trip today in Clinton, SC. There was a fabulous seafood restaurant right by our hotel. Our room is fantastic and cheap which is always nice. Tomorrow we are heading to the Ocean and our last night of travel to Disney. This has been such a beautiful fun trip. We've really enjoyed taking our time and seeing what we see.

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