Feb 14, 2010

Our Trip Day 3

We got up at about 7:30am. Headed downstairs to eat breakfast. Hit the road a little before 9 am today so doing good. We wanted to see the ocean today so we headed from I-26 to I-95. Had to ask hubby I didn't drive haha. The roads were fantastic today. No problems at all. I slept a few times off and on. We stopped at a few rest parks. Decided to just drive today and eat snacks rather than stop for lunch.

We made our goal. The ocean. It's right outside my window splashing away as I write this. It's COLD but it's ocean haha. We are at Jacksonville Beach in Florida. It's a nice touristy type of town from what I've seen. We are in a Best Western right on the ocean for a very nice price. Most hotels cost an arm and a leg to have our view. There are several stores and restaurants nearby. We walked down to a Joe's Crab Shack. We used to have one in Fort Wayne but it closed. The food was okay. Not near as good as last nights but it was okay. Mom and I walked out on the beach for a little bit and found a few shells. It was just too cold to stay for too long. Now we are resting in our room for the night. Tomorrow is our big day. We hit Disney. Jeremiah is very excited. He said we could go to sleep real quick and leave at midnight haha. I told him he had to sleep so he had energy for tomorrow. I don't know if we will have internet or not at Disney. I think you have to pay. So I might only check in every few days. We can't wait!!

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  1. Katie,
    I am enjoying reading about your trip. I have been so busy, I haven't posted, but I have been reading!!!! Enjoy your trip!!!!! Tell J I said hi!!!


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