Apr 12, 2010

Fantastic Time

So I said I was going to my Spring Stitching Retreat. It was fantastic to sum it up to one word. We had 4 days of nothing but stitching. Annette, Janet and I rode down together. Nothing like a long ride with two great friends. We stopped at TWO cross stitch stores. The above picture is what I bought. The little button tins are so me haha. The below picture is fabric and thread that I bought to kit up my two dragons I received from a wonderful online friend Cindy. I love the choices and can't wait to stitch them. I think I'm going to stitch both of them over one. I know I'm crazy. They will look gorgeous that way though.

The below picture is a kit we received at retreat. Colleen the organizer of the retreat contacted a bunch of designers. One and I can't remember who sent these adorable kits. I couldn't wait to stitch mine so I did it right away. I finished it in just a few minutes considering how big it is haha. I made mine into a necklace. It reads Stitches with a little heart in case you can't tell.

Annette and I exchanged our Easter packages to one another. This is what I received minus a beautiful pair of socks which I put on pretty much right away haha. I love funky socks. Those purple floss are gorgeous too aren't they.

The picture above is a picture of my Crescent Moon Dragon right before I started stitching on it. I remembered this time to take a before picture. Then after 4 days of pretty much non-stop stitching the below picture is my progress. If I would have stitched just a few more hours it would have been finished. I just have beads to do mostly. I can't wait to finish this one. Everyone at retreat just kept complimenting the colors. I didn't pick them but Joan Elliot sure did a great job with them.

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