Apr 12, 2010

Happy Dance

The picture doesn't look much different than the one in the post below but there is a major difference. This picture is of a FINISHED piece!!!! It's done. I'm so excited. This is by Joan Elliot and other than model stitching it's the largest piece I have finished for myself. The moon is full of lots of beads and the wing is as well. Beads just don't photo well or the Kreinik sparkle. Next picture will be this framed. Can't wait!!!

Had to edit this post to add a picture of my temporary framing job. I think his arms might get tired though. What do you think?


  1. That is gorgeous!!! I love the colors! So vibrant!! Congrats on a finish!! I am happy dancing with you!!! Love the frame!! But be mindful of child labor laws! lol...so cute!!

  2. looks great Katie,
    you did that one fast!
    Great job & wow, what a frame...yes, I think the arms will get sore.

  3. It is amazing! Congrats on your finish. LOL! J is too funny.

  4. Congrats on a great finish. Jeremiah looks happy with it.

  5. That is just stunning, gorgeous work! What a handsome frame too! LOL

  6. This is just Stunning!!! I love the colors!!!


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