Apr 30, 2010

New Treasures

So today was another day full of garage sales. I decided to post my goodies I found today.

These beautiful manatees only cost me $4. They are already hanging in my ocean themed bathroom. I just loved how there was three of them. Thought it looked like Fred, Jeremiah and I. I couldn't wait to hang them up when we got home. When I seen them at the sale I said I know right where they go haha.

Jeremiah of course found some toys. The box was $3.50 full of a whole bunch of toys over 30 probably bits and pieces. The hotwheels were a quarter each and the guys were $.10 each haha. He's a smart shopper. My favorite finds for today are two treasure boxes. I just love little treasure chests and the one on the right is so amazing. It's touch leather type of feel and the map is just too cool. The one on the left is very heavy and full of bead necklaces. It's the perfect width for a windowsill.


  1. oh! Those manatees look great! How cute! J looks very happy with his treasures!!! Good for him!!!
    Have fun with your treasure boxes!!

  2. Oh I love love love that right hand treasure chest Katie!!! Wanna sell it! :)



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