May 4, 2010

Trip to LNS

I received the phone call saying my Crescent Moon was finished being framed. I setup a lunch date with Annette and we went shopping. The frame is a beautiful purple. It kinda looks blue in the picture. It's perfect and I love it very much. I also kitted up several things. I joked about since I finished something that means I get to start 10 news things right haha.
I bought this adorable little dragon. It's only 40 stitches across so I can't wait to start it. The floss box is hilarious cause it's 60 colors of different shades of pink. I just love looking at the floss and can't wait to see it stitching up. I bought a light pink fabric even though you won't see it when it's finished but I thought it would be fun to stitch on.
I kitted up this piece. I traded for this at the Spring Retreat. The saying is so perfect and made me shed some tears. The little purple grapes are beads so I bought the threads, fabric, and beads today. It's ready to start any time now.
I bought the fabric for this piece. I just bought a fabric that is beige or something along those lines.
Bought the fabric for this piece. Decided to change it to a beige instead of white. I'm just not a fan of white fabric.

We joked about I would happy till this weekend now haha. I said Come on Tomorrow then I'll be bored again haha. I don't need more things to stitch but I bought them anyway haha. I'm going to finish this little biscornu first and then start the Pinkie Dragon. At least that's what I keep saying. I'll probably be posting a WIP soon haha.


  1. The dragon's frame looks great Katie, though I agree, it looks more blue than purple! Love the new pieces you've kitted up, especially the Glendon Place one. That dragon is something else - 60 shades of pink?!!

  2. Your dragon looks great! Looks like you have some beautiful projects to start. I always enjoy looking at your progress pics. The pink dragon looks like a fun project.


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