May 5, 2010

Another Biscornu

I finished another little biscornu. This one was fun. First I found the freebie online. Here is the link. This one is called Colour Flower Freebie. The site has several designs that would make perfect biscornus so I printed out a bunch of them. I handed the stack to Fred (my hubby) and told him to pick one. Then I I handed him my DMC and several different stacks of fabric. He loves kitting up these little things. So this is all his choices. On the back is just the little flower thing with the beads in the middle on the 4 corners. The pink button was too perfect too.

Let's see the specifics. The aida is called Old Spice. The DMC used is 776 and 907. Used 60479 beads. I just might start that beautiful HAED Dragon now. I'll see what screams at me. But she is screaming pretty loud.


  1. Darling! I just love it Katie.

  2. That's a lovely biscornu you have made, Katie.


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