Jan 5, 2011

First Finish

I have my first stitching finish this year. In ESC we are doing an Ornament a month. I put several out for Jeremiah to pick which one to stitch. He picks skunks haha. It's from a booklet called Christmas Ornaments by Leisure Arts. There are so many nice ornaments in this booklet. Jeremiah said I did a great job cause I was only supposed to have it finished by the end of the month. Now I can get back to working on my HAED Treasure Dragon. I'll try to remember to post and update on that piece soon.


  1. too cute Katie....tell Jeremiah he did good picking that one!!!!
    Congrats on the finish!!!

  2. Adorable ornament! Congrats on the first finish of the year! I wait to see the update soon

  3. cute...nice way to start the new year! Keep on stitching!

  4. That is SO cute, Katie.


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