Jan 10, 2011

Treasure Dragon Update

Finally here I am with a HAED Treasure Dragon update. Here is what it will look like finished.

Below is my progress as of this morning. This is 2,401 stitches in. I am trying a new parking method and it is really working well for me. It's hard to explain but rather than go row by row and park I go in blocks of hundreds and park. It really helps cut down the time spent switching threads. I just love each stitch that goes in. I love how it looks already and it's only a dark corner of the picture.


  1. Nice progress, although I don't know how you can stitch all those dark colors, lol.

  2. Look fantastic!

    What count is that?

  3. Looking great!!

    I admire your stitching like that... I tried that way, but I hated the way it was making ditches in the design.

  4. wow Katie!!!! This is taking great shape already.......wonderful progress.....the design is already showing up!

  5. I don't know how you do it, it will be amazing, when finished.

  6. what a great piece and great progress.

  7. Lookin' good Katie girl!!! You sure do have a lot of patience...LOL.....I am still looking at the Autism chart I have; I really want to do it.......so bad.



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