Feb 13, 2011

3rd Night in Orange Beach

This morning Jeremiah and I slept it. It felt great. Mom and Betty headed down to the beach and Jeremiah and I stayed upstairs. Jeremiah took a nice long bath and we ate breakfast in the condo. When mom and Betty got back we all got dressed and hit the road. Lambert's Cafe is down here and it is an experience everyone should have. I know they have a few other restaurants too. We headed there for lunch. They throw these HUGE rolls across the room to you. It's too funny. Mom caught one from a bit away. Jeremiah was laughing so hard. The food is unbelievable. We walked over to the gift shop cause Fred wanted a new coffee cup. Jeremiah picked one out and the lady at the counter said the manager called and told her she would cover whatever Jeremiah wanted. I said Huh? She said it's free. I was like Um Okay. Jeremiah said Thanks I got my daddy a new cup. It was sweet. Not only great food but GREAT people. Then we came back to the condo for a quick stop before heading back out. We went down to Florida (which sounds so far away but it was only like 15 mins). We walked out to a different beach. Jeremiah built a sand castle and had a blast playing. Mom and I found several shells. We came back to the condo for a rest. We brought a lot of games so Jeremiah and I played Skip-bo. I love that game. I was trying to make it so Jeremiah would win and I accidentally won haha. He had fun though. Then mom was being all cocky about beating me.....I whopped her TWICE. haha. Then we went across the road to Bubba's. They were having a band and Jeremiah really enjoyed that a lot. The whole place was full of old folks and they were dancing and acting like kids. It was fun to watch. The food unfortunately wasn't good but we are lucky we have had so much good food already. Now we are back resting. It's a week from today that we start the trip home and I'm already getting home sick. I really really miss my sweet husband and of course my little dog.

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