Feb 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Wow! I was going to blog everyday on vacation. To keep up with what we did. Then.....we got so busy and was having way too much fun. I missed a few days and then realized it was a lost cause. To sum up vacation We had a blast! The ocean was gorgeous the weather was perfect. Mostly we ate and ate and ate. Jeremiah probably gained 20 pounds haha. We was able to go on a dolphin trip to see dolphins. Of course I was so caught up in their beauty I didn't get a picture. We also went to a car show that was neat. Jeremiah enjoyed it very much. The drive home was perfect. No weather that caused problems for us. We heard the day before at home was bad weather but we picked the perfect day to come home. Then last night we got another snow storm. So we really picked a good day. Plus they are getting tornadoes and stuff down in Alabama.

I didn't find much time at all to stitch on vacation. I think I put in about 10 stitches. But last night I finished my Feb ornament. Just in the nick of time right? Here is the picture...

Mom picked this one out. It was a nice quick finish after I actually had time and good lighting to stitch. I'm so glad to be home and looking forward to tomorrow. We have been watching WWE wrestling with my son for a little over a year. They are coming to Fort Wayne to have a show and we are going. Jeremiah can't wait!


  1. Glad you had a great trip, Katie. Your ornament is just too adorable. Congrats on the finish.


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