Mar 28, 2011

Real Spring Exchange

So after stealing the last pillow I stitched I needed to pick out another one for my partner. I got to looking at her wish list and it said she liked amish type patterns. When I seen this pattern I thought of country and of Spring. So I hope my partner likes it. It was a fun quick stitch. I started it Friday and finished it up yesterday. The back has my name and date on it. The pattern was from a Leisure Arts Leaflet Bathroom Collections (#410 if you need to know).

We had a nice weekend. Saturday morning we had a geocaching breakfast to go to. There were probably 40 of us there. It was a very nice turn out and a lovely meal. After that Fred went to a radio event and Mom, Jeremiah and me got our hair cut. Jeremiah said the lady scratched him and when we got home I noticed a mark on his neck. I was very angry but I'm too darn nice to complain. Plus my hair was not near as short as I had asked for. Mom gave me the receipt and told me to go back and complain. I laughed and said We both know when I got there I would smile and say I came in to say Thanks. LOL I need to get meaner haha. After that we had a nice relaxing weekend. We watched a bunch of movies. Fred and I finally watched The Last Exorcism. It was really really weird. We hated the ending. We watched several Sci Fi channel movies cause it was Horror films and they are my FAVORITE. So I got a lot of resting and stitching done. This week my Grandma Faust is going in my a procedure on her leg. Please keep her in your thoughts. She is very special and I always worry about something happening to her.

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  1. Your little pillow looks great!! Love all the bright colors! It definitely calls out "Spring!" I will keep your Grandma Faust in my prayers and thoughts!!


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