Mar 25, 2011

Spring Exchange?

So I joined in a Spring Exchange with ESC. I found this cute little freebie at Kreinik's website. She just looked perfect for the Spring theme. I decided to really modify the pattern though. I didn't have any of the required Kreinik on hand. I switched it around also so not to have as many color changes. Plus I added the beads. I just thought they gave it more pop. I started stitching it and was really happy with how it was looking. Last night I finished it and was so excited at how perfect the little pillow came out too. Then I realized I was in LOVE. I told Fred and Jeremiah I had fallen for it and just couldn't mail it away. Jeremiah said Keep it then. So today I picked out another design to stitch for my partner. How horrible is that? This poor little bird just didn't want to fly away that's for sure haha.

Jeremiah giggled and said I better not do that with the next one too. Plus actually I like the design I picked for Kim better. Maybe this little bird jumped out at me for me and not for the exchange haha. Now I get to start the new pillow. I just keep laughing at myself. What a dork.


  1. it turned out adorable Katie & I don't blame you for wanting to keep it! I printed that pattern too, but have concentrated on my little fawn (S) this week!

  2. It sure did turn out adorable, Katie. I can see why you want to keep it. Congrats on the finish!


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