Apr 18, 2011

April Ornament

Friday I started my April Ornament. Picked this cute design out of the Just Cross Stitch 2010 Ornament Issue. This is my first time trying this Frayed Pillow finish. I pulled it off. It's crooked but who cares haha. Didn't add a hanger cause I knew I would just sit him in a basket or lean him up on something.

My baby boy is turning 13 on the 26th. We are having a bday party for him this Saturday. He is looking forward to it. Instead of the arcade we always get we are renting a bowling alley. So I hope he enjoys it. The big kids were just getting too big for the ball pit. I'll make sure to get a lot of pictures. I just CAN'T believe he is going to be 13. He said it's his goal to prove everyone wrong though. He is going to be a nice teenager. I told him I really hope so haha.


  1. very cute finish Katy!!!! Love it. Where did you find the pattern?

  2. Great job Katie! Looks great.

  3. Love your lil' ornie!!! He's adorable!! If you had not said so, I wouldn't know it was crooked at all!

  4. Oh so cute!
    I can't believe J is going to be 13!!!

  5. Cute ornament, Katie. Congrats on your finish.

    Happy (early) Birthday to the J-Man. I hope he's a good teenager, too! LOL

  6. cute ornament and happy birthday to your son.


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