Apr 25, 2011

Pirate Dragon Update

Well it's not the best photo but it's an update. I did some research on more information about this piece. I started it in October 2007! Can't believe it's been that long. I now have 29,615 stitches in. Only 18,300 left to do. So I'm over half done. Guess that's 62% complete. Of course I didn't work on this nonstop from then to now. It's been an off and on piece. I still love working on it just as much today as the day I started it.

Jeremiah had his birthday party over the weekend. It went very nice. My dad and step mom got a party at their local bowling alley. Jeremiah had so much fun bowling. He got a nice telescope and a lot of $. Of course he is already planning on blowing it haha. We are giving him his presents tomorrow on his actual birthday. His cake was so neat. We told Jeni (my step mom's sister in law) we would love a WWE Wrestling cake. She did an absolutely gorgeous job. We were so impressed. Actually it was really really hard to cut into it and eat some. Here is a picture of his cake.

After we got home Fred and I took the dogs to a local park. I found out my dog needs to lose weight. So I've been working her really hard. On May 5th she goes back to the vet and she has to have lost some weight. Cross your fingers for her please. They had a blast running at the park and I'm sure it was really great on Fred and I to get the exercise too but we won't mention that part haha.

Then Sunday was Easter. So we headed down to Grandma Faust's for dinner. We had a very nice meal. Jeremiah got some more $ to add to his fire in his pocket haha. Then we headed home. What a busy fun filled weekend.

Now we are getting rain rain and some more rain. Told Jeremiah maybe we should start building a boat just in case haha. I hope this reaches everyone doing good. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Katie, your Pirate Dragon is coming along magnificent! I don't know how you do those huge charts...lol

    The cake is fabulous. She did a wonderful job for Jeremiah.


  2. Your dragon is looking great! Happy Birthday to Jeremiah!! Love the cake!

  3. Dragon is looking good.
    The cake is too cute.


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