May 16, 2011

Bday Camping Weekend

This weekend was our first camping trip of the year. Just happened to fall on my birthday which is fantastic. What a way to celebrate than with family and friends. It's our Indiana Spring Picnic with geocaching friends that we attended. This year it was at Prophetstown State Park in Battle Ground, Indiana. It's a beautiful park. My step mom, dad, Gma and Gpa joined us. The picture is from the picnic Saturday. Just a few of us there haha. The weather was supposed to be horrible the whole weekend. Thursday we broke a record for heat here at home. A friend got to the campground and posted it was 91!!! I really couldn't imagine sitting up the tent in that heat. Luckily by the time we got there it started raining real lightly so it cooled things down quickly. It rained most the night but we stayed dry in our new nice tent. Everyone else got there Friday and we really lucked out cause severe storms were north and south of us. We didn't get any rain until Saturday night at dark. Then it light rained the rest of the time. But I'll take it cause the rest of the time was gorgeous. Jeremiah had so much fun playing with his friends. I feel so lucky to have the friends I have. Plus the family. What a great reminder of how blessed I am. Now I just have to recover haha. It's so funny needing a vacation from a vacation.

One side thought unfortunately my Grandma Faust is having health issues again. She had pain and called my mom to come down on Friday. She was taken to the ER and they found out her gallbladder needs taken out. She had several gall stones in her bile tract too. They took those out yesterday so her pain has eased a lot. Her 88th bday is today and she is in the hospital getting surgery. So if you can spare any prayers or good wishes we would appreciate it. I hope she can bounce back and be back to normal as soon as possible.


  1. Katie, I am so glad you had a great weekend for your birthday; I am very sorry to hear about Grandma; I hope surgery goes well, and BOY what a way to spend her birthday. Give her hugs for me please!

  2. Wonderful Birthday and I am so sorry to hear about your grandma!


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