Oct 11, 2011

Camping is Over

Wow what a fantastic couple of weekends I've had. So first was going north and camping. We headed up to Dunes State Park in Northern Indiana. We decided to not take Jeremiah because the forecast sounded cold and damp. It ended up a little chilly and it did rain a few times on and off but overall we had a blast. The only bad thing that happened was really really funny. We were sitting by the fire with a bunch of friends and we noticed a raccoon trying to get into our trash. We put the trash can away to keep it from getting into trouble. Then we were all sitting there and heard the cooler open and close. We flipped on our flashlights to find a coon running up the nearby tree with a bad of our meatballs we had planned to cook haha. Here is the picture of the thief.

It very happily sat up in the tree and ate the whole bag. Ornery little critter. We seen several more Saturday at the picnic. I can't believe how tame these little creatures were. Several friends and us had a great time bonding and enjoyed a lot of laughs.

The following weekend we had camping at Missinewa Campground. Unfortunately it was very cold and VERY windy. We still had a very nice time. Jeremiah had a blast. He got a TON of candy during the trick or treating hours. He dressed up like a zombie pirate. I will get a picture loaded when I finally get them off the camera haha. It was a lovely weekend with family.

The following weekend we had friends come here to our house. We ended up having 18 people and 8 tents in our yard. My Grandpa and Grandma even surprised me with a pop up visit. I was really shocked. Here is a picture of our tent city...

The HUGE tent is ours. Jeremiah had 4 other boys in the house. Oh my goodness 5 boys can really have a lot of fun. One time I came to take a peek and you couldn't see the carpet they had so many toys out haha. The only other issue was the HEAT which was really hard to believe cause the weekend before camping was so cold. We SWEAT this time. I simply can't believe how close I have got to these friends. I don't even think the word friends works any more. They are family. We got everything put away on Sunday and I had to rearrange the house to have living space again haha. I was ready to crash.

Here we are a few days later and I'm still tired. I still keep having thoughts about how amazing my friends are and how lucky I am. I thank my stars for each one of them and just smile when I think of them. We have grown so close it seems this past year. Now I have a few days to relax and pack again. This time we are hitting the road to head to South Carolina. Mom, Betty, Jeremiah and I are going on vacation. Poor Fred has to stay home and work. He is also the hired dog sitter/house sitter. I will miss him but luckily we have spent a lot of wonderful time together lately. So the next time you will hear from me is the vacation posts.

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