Oct 14, 2011

Day 1 of Myrtle Beach Trip

Here we are on the road again. We hit the road at 7am. We headed through Ohio which by the way is a huge state. We made it to....

Tomorrow we will have another 7 hour drive to get to Myrtle Beach. The drive was really uneventful. We did have a few rain drops. Also my stupid stomach acted up the whole day. So mad getting my gall bladder out didn't fix my issues. Oh well such is life. We stopped at Shoney's for lunch. It was quick. Then we stopped at a place we've stopped at before while on this route...

The building is called the Tamarack. It's very HIGH priced stuff. I found some cross stitching for sale for $750!!! It wasn't anything special either. I couldn't believe it. So we didn't buy anything just stared haha. I showed Jeremiah something and told him it was 299 and he thought I meant 2.99. When I explained it he was shocked. We ate dinner here. I had a delicious tuna sandwich. We came out and started the hotel hunt. Just around the corner was a Holiday Inn so we pulled in. No rooms. Next...a Country Inn and Suites. We have liked them before so we tried it out. We got the last room. Now we are relaxing. Jeremiah has his DS and is playing his new game. I'm talking to Fred on yahoo messenger and talking to myself haha.

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